is situated between the green of the two ranges of hills named Hainleite and Windleite.

Our holiday home is located in the western part of the town, Bebra, only two kilometers afar from the centre. The path directly beside the holiday home named “Försterweg” leads you straight into a net of well prepared hiking and biking trails. In the summer you can enjoy the natural bath “Bebraer Teiche” (500m).

There are many points of interest in the surrounding area awaiting you:

  • the impressive castle, in former times accommodating sovereigns and princes and princesses
  • the “Erlebnisbergwerk”, a underground mining up to 1000 metres deep, with many showrooms, a concert hall broken completely into the salt deposit and a artificial salt sea you can cross by boat
  • the spaciously area of the holiday park “Possen”, with the Restaurant “Jagdschloß” (witch offers good and solid german cuisine, especially delicious venison), the recently erected high ropes course, a zoo, a big playground and petting zoo for the children and many horses even for riding if you like
  • the holiday park “Feuerkuppe” in Straußberg with a coasting slide you can race downhill in summertime with a real sleigh
  • the giant monument of “Kyffhäuser” and nearby the mighty cave “Barbarossahöhle”
  • the “Funkenburg in Westgreußen”, an authentic replication of a historical fort right there where the original one in the second century BC till the first century AD were populated

Enjoy your holydays! Our region offers you many opportunities for fun and recovery.

Schloß Sondershausen Schloß Sondershausen Schloß Sondershausen

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